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Art Acacia Gallery originally was founded as a support for highly-skilled international contemporary artists who are looking for recognition of their talent across the borders. Based out of San Francisco, we work with artists around the world. Our passion for travel and discovery helps us to find artists even in remote locations and expose their works to our customer. 

Now we also offer consulting services to all our clients: private individuals seeking for a new piece as well as professionals looking for artworks to enhance their business projects. We believe that curated pieces of art manually picked for a particular environment and needs become a signature of a place, a source of inspiration for years to come, an authentic statement and a self-expression. They promote values and aesthetic of the location and reflect on a personality of an owner. Art consulting is an invitation to start a dialog beyond the visual itself – it is about a philosophy of living with art. 

On a constant basis, we work with a handful of up-and-rising artists and offer their works for sale in our portfolio. However, we believe there are no two identical projects and, therefore, we prefer to work with our clients directly, understanding their artistic vision, aspirations, and needs only to be able to source the best piece from our wider network.

We warmly welcome you to our Art Acacia community and are looking forward to hearing from you!

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