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    Art Advisory| We work with the world of art. You get the best of it.

Partnering with Individuals

Art Advisory, Consulting for Individuals, Personal, Families, Households

    We believe that art should never be an afterthought. Instead, it is

  • a way to express personal identity
  • a story about us, shown to visitors and friends
  • a statement, a conversation starter for any party or gathering
  • an everyday inspiration and motto 
  • an emotional touch which makes every home even more intimate

Partnering with Businesses

Art Advisory for Businesses, Interior Designers, Corporations

    Bringing art into a working environment has many benefits. It

  • promotes brand philosophy and corporate strategy
  • inspires employees and attract new talents
  • increases cultural and visual significance of the space
  • provokes conversations and makes connections
  • unites and engages audiences to transform their environments

Working with Art Advisors is Simple

Project Discussion

Project Discussion

We like to start the process with a discussion on what is meaningful and aesthetically beautiful for you, what kind of budget is available for the project, and when you would like to have an art piece in your possession.


Selecting artworkChoosing the Artwork

We present you pre-selected options from local and international artists across a variety of media and discuss possibilities for acquisitions or commissions. We source art pieces through our strong network of galleries, dealers and, of course, artists. 


Art Acquisition

Based on our conversations, Art Acacia will take care of art purchase (or commission), transportation, insurance, framing, installation, and payment. In addition, we accept returns if the artwork placed in the environment does not meet expectations.


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