Current Show:

The last three on earth by Gillie and Marc Art Acacia

Past Shows:

Deep Sea Life by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia
Twillie by Mwamba Chikwemba Art Acacia
Alone by Vitaliy Ledokollov Art Acacia

The Last Three on Earth

Art Acacia Gallery is honoured to work with Gillie and Marc and present a bronze sculpture show which, among others, display a replica of New York City public artwork – ‘The Last Three on Earth’.



October – November 2017


the oldest system of beliefs, intriguing and whimsical world by Rolando Duartes.



June – September 2017


a story from about women told by a woman artist – an exploration of lost female identity in Zambia by Mwaba Chikwemba



May 2017


abstract photography essay on human identities expressed through domestic objects



April 2017