Show ‘Animism’

art exhibition by Rolando Duartes


Art Acacia Gallery will open a unique online exhibition featuring works of Cuban artist Rolando Duartes on June 19th, on view until September 11th. Following political changes, Cuban culture becomes more accessible and more intriguing than ever before. A new collection, ‘Animism’, will display 10 artworks by Duartes which represent his dynamic, abstract style, formed and shaped by a variety of cultural backgrounds in Cuba as well as outside of the island.

The core meaning of Animism refers to a system of believes that is not a doctrine per se, but rather a view of the world endowing its objects, nature or universe with a soul. Animism underlines several religions including, for example, beliefs of Native Americans. Although at first it was seen as a ‘primitive’ practice, nowadays, with a fast-spreading concern with the relationship between humans and environment, there is an increasing interest towards fundamental ideas of animism.

The Duartes’ show reflects upon concepts like ‘life’, ‘spirit’, ‘consciousness’, ‘mindfulness’. Through his whimsical creatures inhabiting forests and deep waters, the artist impersonates the environment we live in. There is an obvious sense of connection with nature and metaphysical world. His abstract paintings invite viewers to see how familiar objects embody new features and connect with us through senses, intuition and beliefs. ‘Animism’ series is full of magic and fairy-tale-like stories which touch upon a deeper level of self-identification in relations to the world around us and to the whole Universe.

Counsel by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia


Dialog by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia


Jungle by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia


Deep Sea Life by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia


Stern by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia


Shipwreck by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia


Observers by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia


Couple by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia


Witnesses by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia


Fugue by Rolando Duartes Art Acacia