Seungyoon Choi

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Seungyoon Choi

About the Artist

The world is full of paradoxes. There is always a need for the existence of opposing forces. Imagine a heart function: it follows two opposing actions – contraction and expansion. Same happens when we are cold – we need warmth; when we are warm – we need coolness. On the other hand, when someone forbids us to do something, it may even cause our increasing desire of doing it.

Seungyoon Choi believes that this is the basic rule of the world. Eventually, he is motivated by it and his work is mostly inspired by this concept — ‘Beginning of the Stop’. There are two interpretations for a ‘Beginning’ and a ‘Stop’. Blue is generally defined as cool color tone. However, the hottest parts of a fire appear to be blue as well, same as the hottest stars in the Universe. This is an example of opposing forces, and that is why blue always appears in artist’s works.

Seungyoon Choi oil paintings follow abstract expressionism traditions and are executed on large canvases with dynamic interplays of colors.

All works are from Seungyoong Choi’s collections ‘Beginning of the Stop’, 2015-2016 and ‘Cross-section of the moment’, 2017.