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You can browse through all artworks on our website, viewing different artists’ portfolio, or you can simply contact our experts and ask them for suggestions based on your aesthetic taste, interior requirements or budget. You can also virtually try any artwork on your own wall with an iArtView app – it is a simple, fast and visual solution to imagine how your space will look like with a new artwork. (Details)


Once you finish shopping – please, proceed to your cart. You can select the payment method you prefer: we accept bank cards as well as PayPal transfer. Once the payment is made, within 24h you will be contacted by our team member who will explain you next steps and timelines. Purchasing art online first time can raise a lot of questions. Take a look at our FAQs section and if you don’t find an answer to your question – just contact us!



Shipment time will vary and will largely depend on your location as well as country of residency of the artist. Usually, the whole process (preparation of customs documents, art packaging, shipment, and customs clearance in the country of arrival) takes about 2-3 weeks. Artist will securely pack the artwork, complete and sign Certificate of Authenticity and send the piece to you. 


We do our best to ensure that you can enjoy art as soon as it is delivered. However, the shipment can be rough and damages are hard to avoid. If you receive a damaged piece, please, take photos of the broken piece as well as the packaging materials and contact our team to reimburse your purchase. We also will return your money if the artwork does not match your expectations (if the image on the website is misleading; if dimensions are wrong etc). You will have up to 14 days from the delivery day to claim your money back in either of these situations. For more details, please, see our Return & Exchange policy.

We want you to experience a joy of living with art that speaks to your soul!

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