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Year: 2016

Size:135 x 140 cm (53.1 x 55.1”)

Medium: acrylic on canvas

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‘Chitambala’. From an exhibition ‘Herself’ by Mwamba Chikwemba


‘Chitambala (head-wrap) forms the central theme in this artwork.

I often wonder ‘Why should we wear Chitambala?’.

From the beginning of times, African women have been always wearing head-wraps.

I grow up with my mother wearing them and she told me that we have to wear Chitambala for a respect and for a beauty that we possess as African women.’


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Dimensions53.1 x 55.1 x 1 in
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bright, Zambia, art, acrylic, painting, emerging artist, living artist, modern artwork, contemporary art, original artwork, vertical, colourful, vibrant, portrait, human life, woman, women, female, household, culture, yellow, black, white, Africa, feminism, female artist, brown paper, charcoal, figurative

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