Untitled 114-2016

$5,000 incl.shipping

Year: 2017

Size: 145 x 112 cm (57.1 x 44.1”)

Medium: oil on canvas

‘Beginning of the stop 114-2016’ by Seungyoon Choi.

‘The world is full of paradox. There is always a need for the existence of opposing forces. Imagine a heartbeat. It operates by two opposite forces: Contracts and Expands. When we are cold, we need warmth. When we are hot, we need coolness. <…> I somehow believe that this is the basic rules of the world. Eventually, I am motivated by this and my work is mostly inspired by this concept — Beginning of the stop.’

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Dimensions57.1 x 44.1 x 2 in
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abstract, expressionism, colors, colorful, bright, oil painting, positive, beginning, stop, transformation, contrast, change, different, instinctive, deep, blue, yellow, asian art, emerging artist, living artist, contemporary artwork

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