iArtView & Art Acacia


Choosing a new painting often comes with questions: What if the color does not fit my interior? Is it too big/ too small? Does the concept go well with the theme of the room? etc. 

We thought it will be nice if our clients could try any paintings on their wall. With iArtView it is possible! In simple four steps you can start experimenting:


  1. Download the free app on your iPhone or iPad,
  2. Contact us to receive a 6 digit code to access the gallery,
  3. Following instructions in the app, take a real-time photo of your wall, 
  4. Place any art piece from our portfolio on the image of your wall and decide which one fits better.


It is easy to play with images of your space. If it is not possible to take a photo of a wall, try room views from our collection. Play with a light and perspective and enjoy a new look of your space!

Selecting art for your own interior was never so easy before!