Picking Art for a Gift

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Buying art for a gift - what do we need to know?

Picking art for a gift can be a big challenge. It is a very personal item and yet it is something that is likely to be exposed in the living room to everyone. So where do we start and what do we need to think about when deciding on art for someone else?

First, think about the person: what does (s)he like (Paris, sweets, dogs etc), what kind of personality (s)he is (a dreamer, an activist, a sport enthusiast). Is (s)he more likely to enjoy a small photo-landscape next to a coffee-table or to dive into a big-scale abstract work in a bedroom? Select subject, style and color pallet which will resonate with the person. 

Kitchen. Still Life

Still Life by Y. Zakordonets

Secondly, consider the space they live in. Maybe it’s an industrial loft with copper pipes, exposed bricks and huge walls or it can be a small condo with busy interior and deemed light.

Greenland by M. Serradifalco

Greenland by M. Serradifalco

Thirdly, if you have financial constraints, don’t reach out to a cheaper print of a famous painting. Instead, look through originals. Even less popular works have a lot of charm and will bring a special personal energy to someone’s home. One of a kind work is always more appreciated than an unlimited copy.

Landscape by M. Marchica

Landscape by M. Marchica

The last but not least piece of advice would be to consider framing and potential shipment options. Finding the right frame is sometimes not enough. If you buy painting on canvas, for instance, you want to make sure it is professionally framed. Putting canvas on stretchers can be done better by the artist him/herself or by a professional service. Shipment of art is a gentle process and must be handled carefully as well. Check the size and the weight of the artwork and consult with a courier how much it will cost to transport the art.

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